A year ago today. / by Kara Marnell


A year ago today, I moved to Nashville. 

I packed up the car in a hurry, rushing to leave Chicago a couple days earlier than planned in order to avoid winter storms. The last thing I wanted was to postpone my move due snow. I was excited and nervous to make home in a city I'd never visited.  

People have commented on the courage it must have taken to completely uproot and move to a unfamiliar city without knowing anyone. Honestly, there's something slightly alluring about the idea of starting anew. I wasn't afraid of the new, the uncertain. What I truly feared was settling into a routine that was holding me back from living a full life. I feared I was letting the "could haves and should haves" define me.

This year in Nashville has brought tremendous growth, challenging me and pushing me to move forward. Never have I been surrounded by a community of individuals who are so committed to their dreams, living adventurously, with wonder. I am beyond grateful for these individuals who have made Nashville home and for these 365 days that remind me to be present for each and every one.  

Nashville, you're a gem.